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Supple Spine 60t (vet)

Functions: This formula tonifies the Kidneys and dispels Wind Cold Damp.Indications (Symptoms): _Occasional shortness of breath, palpitations, aversion to cold, low back pain, _Occasional leg pain and heaviness, wasting of the lower limbs, numbness _Pale tongue Take 2-3 times daily:1-10lbs - 1/4 tab 11-20lbs - 1/2 tab 21-35lbs - 1 tab 36-75lbs - 2 tabs 76-100lbs - 3 tabsPinyin Name -Common Name Du huo -Pubescent angelica root Bai shao -White peony root Chuan xiong -Sichuan lovage rhizome Du zhong -Eucommia bark Fang feng -Siler root Chuan niu xi -Cyathula root Qiang huo -Notopterygium root and rhizome Qin jiao -Large-leaf gentian root Shi zhu hong ren shen -Chinese red ginseng root Sang ji sheng -Loranthus twig Shu di huang -Rehmannia root (prepared) Xian mao -Curculigo rhizome Fu ling -Poria Gan cao -Chinese licorice root Rou gui -Chinese cinnamon bark 400077111843 Kan Herb Company 42620.5117819444 7573

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